09 August 2019

Learn Music In Diamond Bar

If you need voice, piano, music theory, songwriting or composition lessons, I offer both in-person and online training in all of those aspects. Contact me for more.

Are you frustrated with your lack of piano skills? Do you want to sing stronger? Do you want to learn to improvise in jazz, classical, country, pop or other genres?
That is where I come in! Let me be your mentor. I can teach you how to sing and/or play piano like a pro without necessarily knowing how to read music. This takes the frustration out of the art.

I teach music locally as well as different places like Music and Arts in Glendora. I am a composer, pianist, and teacher who loves to teach students (and write for them in some cases) how to play piano, sing, and write their own music.

I have published three courses on how to compose and am working on my first Piano Mini course that is up and coming. If you would like person-to-person lessons or if online training is right for you, contact me here . Or you can use the contact page of this site.


Cody Weinmann, Composer




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