04 января 2014

We Are The Victors Score Video Here!

Hey all fans and friends! I am sorry for the long wait. I have long since done more music for video games including a score called "We Are The Victors." I would like to give you guys the score on video to view on this site. Here it is: I hope you enjoy this score in its entirety! I will be posting more videos momentarily so that you are not left in the loop. I will also be posting the link to this score in a later post.  Thank you! Cody Weinmann  Composer   Комментарии: 3
27 июня 2013

Preview of New World Mood Music Here!

Hey fellow composers and musicians, Take a listen to this sneak peak of my new piece of mood music. It is called "New World Meditation." I'll be sure to follow this post up with the completed work once it is done. Take a listen here ... Stay tuned for more updates! Cody Weinmann, Composer Here's the link if it doesn't show: https://soundcloud.com/cody-weinmann/new-world-edited  
18 июня 2013

Sacred and Secular Audio Files Available

I am pleased to announce that Audio files for the two-piece set "Sacred and Secular Volume 1" is now available for listening and download on Soundcloud .Just click the link and it will take you there. I will also be putting this download in my score catalog soon so that it will be available for listening when you go and view the score in the score catalog. Stay tuned! More works are coming!  
16 июня 2013

Volume One of "Sacred and Secular" Is Now Published and For Sale

My new set of choral works is now published and for sale. "Sacred and Secular" is a continuing collection (on this outing) of two choral works, one sacred, another secular. "Breathe Low" is a fantastic choral meditation on calming down and taking it easy in times of stress. "Lift Me Higher" is a show and shout of praise to God for all He has done for us and we lift our hands up to Him for more judgment and glory. These two great pieces are the first of many to come that are in my score catalog for ... 
11 марта 2013

Mood of Many Emotions Pushed Back to Mid April!

Hi all fans! Due to a temporary set back, my as promised mood music album "Mood of Many Emotions" has been pushed back for release until mid April! I do apologize for the inconvenience but rest assured! The album is on its way to release and will be out soon!  
25 января 2013

Sample performance 2010 or 2011 of "God Bless the U.S. of A."

15 января 2013

First Album "Mood of Many Emotions" is to be out in February!

First Album: Mood of Emotions To Be Out In February My first album of mood music and scores, "Mood of Many Emotions" is set to come out in mid-February, a release date is yet to follow. It features calming, soothing compositions that are bound to make everyone take a break and meditate and relax. This first album is dedicated to businesses such as those for massage therapy, as these compositions, many of which are soft and slowly evolving, are perfect for people who are in need of a mood change or ... 
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