04 января 2014

We Are The Victors Score Video Here!

Hey all fans and friends!

I am sorry for the long wait. I have long since done more music for video games including a score called "We Are The Victors." I would like to give you guys the score on video to view on this site.

Here it is:

I hope you enjoy this score in its entirety! I will be posting more videos momentarily so that you are not left in the loop. I will also be posting the link to this score in a later post. 

Thank you!

Cody Weinmann 





Ksenia Nemera
05 янв 2014
Sorry sorry sorry
Ksenia Nemera
05 янв 2014
Never music- full silence/ I forgot all notes
Ksenia Nemera
05 янв 2014
Scared video ...

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