09 August 2019

Any Composers or Directors Need Music?

If any of you all out there need music, this is the post where you can reach me!

If you need music from a composer, look no further! Looking for a local composer in Los Angeles county? Need a composer in Diamond Bar, Pomona or the surrounding San Gabriel Valley? I compose and arrange music for bands, orchestras, choirs, solo and other chamber music groups. If you have or are part of an ensemble who needs new music, please don't hesitate to use this contact form to let me know what ensemble you are, what instrumentation you'd like the piece in, the length of piece preferred, and when you need it by (note: for most big pieces, I would need at least 4 months to a year to write the piece!)
Do you need someone to collaborate with you to help you finish a song you just can't seem to get?
You’ve found a partner. I often meet with many different local composers that are either private composers or directors at schools and music directors at churches who are struggling to make a song get through. My market is those who are in need of help who may or may not have too much money to spend—don’t worry! I can consult with you on what your song needs to take off! I am a songwriter who loves to help so many people build their music up. I can even do the recording of your song. I have Pro Tools and Mic hookups. You don’t have to go far. I can show you different chord structures and melodic frameworks to help you get out of a composing rut. It’s all about improving the flow of musical ideas that can help you write better songs.
Feel free to contact me  to start your songwriting or composing consultation and workflow today!

You can also get a hold of me at my Youtube channels below:

Cody Weinmann, Composer

CJW Music Tutorials




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